The New Year may be several months away, but the time to financially prepare for it is right now. While it may take patience and discipline, financial freedom is within your reach. Whether you're trying to pay off large debts or boost your savings for a rainy day, large purchase or retirement, make 2017 the year you achieve financial freedom.



Only 39% of Americans have a "rainy day" fund that could cover at least three month of expenses.1 An unexpected bill, an emergency or a job loss could put many Americans in a situation where they can't make ends meet. Even if the money is tight, there are still ways to save more of what your earn.

1. Know where the money is going. This will help you figure out where you c...

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With the start of every new season, there seems to be a want for change. Change of clothes, new foods, and updated décor to match. Although you do not NEED to change your décor to fit every season, but it is fun and festive. And with fall fast approaching, it is always nice to make your home a little cozier in preparation for those cold winter months.


As of now, copper is the metal of the moment. With that being said, don’ t feel like you need to go out and replace every piece of metal in your house with copper. It can be as simple as finding an interesting piece of wall art, or a fun vase to make a statement.



The art you really love should be present in your home year round, so chan...

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1. Store away all your summer stuff.

As we near the end of August, there is probably still plenty of time left to ride bicycles, but maybe not so much for those pool noodles or your canoe. Clear the clutter and put away all of the gear you are no longer using. While you’re at it, you might as well get rid of anything that is not useful to you anymore or that is broken. That way it won’t be an issue next summer.

2. Prepare a drop zone.

Re-organize your entryway, or give your mudroom a good makeover. You’ll feel much more coordinated if you have a dedicated space for backpacks, shoes, and other gear, and in turn will feel less overwhelmed when you come home each day.


3. Clean your fridge.

Get rid of any containers that h...

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An Inspiring Senior Village is Taking Shape


We are excited to share the news about a new Senior-Living Community!

Opening in early 2017, the Village at Belmar will be an intimate nine-acre campus situated in the heart of the Belmar shopping corridor in Lakewood at Alameda Avenue and Allison Street.. The Village will offer a senior lifestyle experience that combines contemporary ergonomic design, enticing outdoor recreation amenities, indoor social and hospitality features, wellness-based activity programming, pampering maintenance-free living, and personal care when you need support.

It will have 3 living options:

1. The Flats: active living luxury two bedroom/two bath residences.temp-post-image

2. The Vista: assisted living facility dedicated to supp...

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While most buyers expect to live in their home an average of 14 years, the typical tenure is close to nine years.* That means that average buyer will go through the process of buying a home about once a decade. The real estate market is always changing- the process of buying a home has evolved in the past decade, just as it evolved in the decades before that. Here are a few tips to help you though the buying process.

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More than 17.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2014 alone.1 Most victims discovered their information had been compromised when their banks contracted them about suspicious activity.1 Thieves are more sophisticated than ever, often using technology to help them steal information. Other times, they prey on the trusting nature of people to procure personal information.

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08.02: Children's Museum

08.02: Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield

08.05: Clyfford Still Museum (5-8pm)

08.06: Denver Art Museum

08.10: Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys

08.11: Aurora History Museum

08.12: Clyfford Still Museum (5-8pm)

08.13: Museum of Outdoor Arts

08.17: Aurora History Museum

08.17: Museum of Outdoor Arts

08.19: Clyfford Still Museum (5-8pm)

08.19: Museum of Outdoor Arts

08.23: Aurora History Museum

08.26: Clyfford Still Museum (5-8pm)

08.27: Museum of Outdoor Arts

08.29: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield

8500 West Deer Creek Canyon Road

Littleton, Colorado


Denver Children’s Museum

2121 Children’s Museum Drive

Denver, Colorado


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