10 Kitchen Hacks


Drawer Inserts: If you don’t already have these organizing inserts for your silverware drawer, you need to invest in some! Check out these that IKEA has on their website, or run to your local Walmart or Target and get on there. These things aren’t just for your silverware drawer either, you can use them for just about anything!

Tension Rod for Cleaning Products: One way that you can organize under your kitchen or bathroom sinks without buying an under the counter organizer, is to install a tension rod in the cabinet. The rods and inexpensive and easy to adjust, and are a great way to hang spray bottles. This makes it much easier to find what you are looking for without knocking over every other bottle in the process. You can also hand some S-Hooks on them too for your other tools.

Binder Clip Sponge Holder: By keeping your sponge off the side of your sink, you allow it to fully air dry, and by using a binder clip to do this you can make your sponges last longer and stay more sanitary. I know it may seem a little ridiculous, but it actually works!

Vanilla Extract Smell Eliminator: Did you cook something for dinner last night, and now your entire house smells like it? You can cure the bad odors in your home with vanilla extract! All you have to do is fill an oven safe dish with some vanilla extract, place it in your oven, set it for 300 degrees, and leave it for an hour. It will give your entire kitchen and house the sweet scent of vanilla for an entire day. Great trick for when you are expecting visitors.

Avoid Clogs: To help keep your drains clear, you should occasionally pour boiling water down them. This isn’t a cure for clearing clogs that already exist though, this will just help to prevent new ones from happening.

Stainless Steel Appliances: Keeping your stainless steel appliances clean is a hard task, especially with little ones around the house. Here are a couple different ways to help clean them and not leave streaks. One way is to clean them with glass cleaner. The other is to put vinegar, alcohol, and a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray this on the appliance and wipe down, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe down again with a clean cloth.

Managing your Garbage Disposal Odor: That hole in your sink needs to be cleaned on occasion, otherwise it will have your whole kitchen smelling terrible. One way you can prevent that from happening is to cut up some lemons into small pieces and freeze them in vinegar. Every few days, you can run a few pieces through your garbage disposal, and you are done!

Too Much Spice in Your Life: It always seems like your spice cabinet gets overcrowded making it difficult to find what you are needing. One solution to this problem is to get a spice rack, not only does this help you organize things, but it lets you find exactly what you are looking for easily and quickly. Or you can find these cool ones that install right onto the inside door of your cabinets at

Cleaning Supplies Shoe Organizer: Avoid using your cabinets under the sinks for cleaning supplies completely and buy an over the door hanging shoe rack. Instead of filling it with shoes, you can fill it with cleaning supplies. You can find what you are looking for quick and easy, and it’s out of the way and neatly stored. Check out all the different things you can do with a shoe organizer here

Tupperware: If your Tupperware cabinet is anything like mine, it is a disaster 99% of the time. Every time you open the door, something falls out at you. A have a little secret, by placing a CD rack in there, you can help keep it organized! A CD organizer is a great place to keep the lids so that they stay in place, making it easier to stack the Tupperware, and keeping your cabinet a little neater than before.

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