10 Ways to De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably one of your most used rooms is your house, and with eating, cooking, socializing, and many other activities that go on in it there is no room for clutter. By getting rid of these 10 types of items, you can make a big improvement in this room and de-clutter your kitchen quickly!

1. Duplicate Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets.

While there are many utensils and gadgets that you need (or want) in the kitchen, there are only so many that you can use. Get rid of the extras, and keep the best ones for yourself, and toss the rest.

2. Chipped or Broken Dishes & Glasses.

Even though everyone needs dishes and glasses or cups to eat and drink with, you shouldn't hold on the to ones with chips and cracks. You won't use them, and they are not good to eat off of or drink from anyways.


3. Kids Dishes & Cups, When They've Outgrown Them.

When your children are young, kids plates and cups and be really fun & useful. But if you have pre-teens and/or teenagers now, and you still have those Elmo dishes, it is probably time to toss them.


4. Excess Condiment Packets & Other Take-Out Supplies.

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that is filled with plastic utensils and mustard & ketchup packets that you have collected from take out orders? These items, in small quantities can be very useful when you are on the go or need them for a picnic, but believe it or not they can go bad. Get rid of the excess, and keep only as much as you can see yourself using completely in a month. Then don't save any more until that supply runs low.

5. Excess Water Bottles.

Realistically you can only use so many water bottles at once. A good rule of thumb is to have 2 water bottles for each family member. This way you will always have one to use while the other is waiting to be washed. Keep the best ones for your use, and get rid of the bottles that are made from cheaper plastic, ones that leak, or that ones that you don't like for whatever reason.

6. Worn Out Kitchen Towels.

Your kitchen towels have a plethora of functional uses, you need to have enough to dry dishes, use as hot pads, wipe up spills, and more. With all of these different uses, your towels will eventually begin to stain, get holes, fray, and otherwise become worn out. Get rid of the ones that have already began to ware, and make room for the better ones, that you will actually want to use.

7. Excess Vases.

Whether you buy flowers for yourself, or are lucky enough to receive them from someone else, over time you are likely to collect quite a few vases. While it is nice to have several on hand for different types of flower, there is no need for you to have 20. Get rid of the excess and only keep that ones that are your favorite and you are able to use regularly.

8. Specialty Dishes & Glasses You Never Use.

When you get dishes or glasses in sets, almost always there are some of those specialty types that never get used. It ccould be an odd shaped platter or the cordial glasses that you though was a great idea, but it was never used. It is pretty easy to identify these pieces, they are the ones that are stuck up high on a cabinet shelf, in the back, collecting dust from not being used.

9. Too Many Plastic Bags.

There is no doubt that plastic bags have many different uses, but there comes a point when there are too many in your home. If you have bags spilling out of drawers or they're spilling out of there designated containers, do yourself a favor and get rid of them. There is no reason for you to have so many. You can take the excess bags to many different stores to be recycled.


10. Food Storage Containers With No Lids, or Lids Without Containers.

Food containers are essential in any well stocked kitchen. We all need to save leftover food for later consumption. But we somehow, almost always lose some of the lids, or have the kids but can no longer find the container that matches. These items, one without the other, and useless, and don't need a spot in the kitchen any longer.temp-post-image

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