4 Most Common Structural Concerns: Home Buyers & Sellers

We are fortunate and pleased to know and have already introduced Bob Fritz to many of our friends and clients over many years. From time to time, the home inspection process may have discovered areas of concern that Buyers need further investigation on. This is when Buyers usually need the resources of someone qualified as a Structural Engineer who can usually not only discover the cause of the problem as well as addressing the significance considering the age of the home A structural engineer can also give advice as to how it can be corrected or resolved so a Buyer isn't unknowingly buying a Seller's undisclosed or even unknown problem that could have gone neglected for years. Sometimes a $50 problem neglected can become thousands of dollars in repairs.

Areas that seem to be common concerns to most homeowners, Sellers or Buyers are:

1. Cracks showing up in foundation, interior walls or floors and what are considered acceptable vs. significant concerns.
2. Drainage issues around a house that could cause flooding and risk to the structure.
3. Problems with siding that is deteriorating and you can't see the cause or where moisture appears to be getting into the wall.
4. Crawl space issues that may have gone undetected. Face it, who wants to go into their crawl space unless they have to?


Bob is not only a seasoned professional but is extremely reasonable in his fees. Our clients and other Realtors we've introduced him to always appreciate his solution based approach, however simple or complicated the issues might be. He will write up a report for the home owner if requested and then if the owner ever sells their home, this written report can be a great help explaining what the issue was and what was needed to be done by the homeowner per the report to address the issue at the time.
Call us for an introduction or questions about Bob or contact Bob directly: R.D. Fritz Consulting Engineers, Bob Fritz, 303-843-9077,

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