5 Easy Steps: SmartSizing Made Easy

Simplifying your life should leave you overjoyed, not overwhelmed!

Somewhere between touring new homes, sorting through your possessions, choosing a new place to live, and deciding what to take and what to leave, it suddenly hits you: downsizing is alot of work!

Congratulations on your decision to simplify your life!
As professionals dedicated to serving downsizing seniors at the highest level, it is our goal to insure that our clients are well-informed, prepared, and equipped to navigate the complexities of a downsizing move. By following the proven 5-Step system for a successful move, appropriately titled, “Downsizing Made Easy,” we are able to accomplish just that.

This short blog outlines the basic 5 Easy Steps that we guide our clients through as they begin the process of simplifying their lives. Our senior clients receive a complimentary 40 page “Downsizing Made Easy” guide to assist them
with answering the many questions related to a downsizing move and in completing the 5 Easy Steps outlined here.
Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and find out how we can help you go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as you consider your upcoming move.

Step 1: Create a plan that fits your lifestyle and future needs. The first phase of creating your plan means doing some
research. Consider your interests, financial situation, location of your friends and family, and how you
envision living life to the fullest. Then choose a place that you think will best fit your lifestyle. Take some time with this step even if you haven’t fully decided whether you intend to move. It’s like having a plan in case of fire or storm… you
hope to never need to use it, but it’s smart to have it just in case.

Step 2: Communicate with your family and friends. This doesn’t mean asking for their permission or even their opinions. It is a good idea, however, and sometimes necessary to keep family members and friends in the loop. If, later, you do need help or advice, they’re at least on the same page. You can share with them your thoughts about your plan and find out if they have any questions or concerns. Interestingly, sometimes a move can be even more emotional for adult children than it is for their parents.

Step 3: Surround yourself with highly qualified professionals. You will likely need the services of an estate liquidator, a mover, a REALTOR®, an organizer, move manager, home repair contractors, retirement community personnel, and others. Get to know these people and their services by taking time to interview and get references. Downsizing moves require service providers with specialized expertise and although you may have utilized such professionals before, they may not have the skills, knowledge, or appreciation needed for the move in this phase of your life.

Step 4: Get rid of all that extra “stuff.” The liquidation of property and household belongings is often the step that trips
people up and leads to dread as they make a much-needed and much anticipated move. It might be the uncertainty of where to begin, reluctance to part with treasured possessions, or the physical work that is involved that creates the stumbling block. The good news is, you don’t have to sort through everything! Just focus on what you need and want to take with you. Let the professionals do the rest!

Step 5: Adjusting to your new lifestyle. This sounds like an easy step, but the impact of this type of transition is often
underestimated. During the hustle and bustle of the moving process, emotions get placed on the back burner. Don’t
ignore your emotional well-being. Make sure you take stock of how you’re feeling throughout the process, as well as how you might be feeling about your new lifestyle – simply being aware and prepared can make a big difference. Open
communication is key.

Copyright 2013 by Nikki Buckelew, Author

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