5 Standards Maintained by CSHPs & Why You Should Hire a Certified Senior Housing Professional When Making A Later In Life Move

Simplifying your life should leave you Overjoyed, not Overwhelmed.

Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) are among a select and rapidly growing community of real estate professionals committed to serving senior adults with a distinct level of expertise and efficiency.

Certified Senior Housing Professional’s Pledge

• I recognize that a move can be both physically and emotionally draining for seniors and agree to serve as a proactive fiduciary in simplifying the process and mitigating uncertainty.

• I acknowledge that while senior clients tend to be capable and equipped to make well-informed decisions, I will welcome and adeptly navigate, when necessary, consultations with family, friends, attorneys and other experts.

• I understand that helping to transition an elderly client from one living situation to another often involves the assistance of many entities and I agree to maintain a resource team of trusted professionals who can be relied upon for every aspect of preparing the home for sale and negotiating the financial and legal landscape.

• I embrace both the transactional and the relational aspects involved in helping a senior client to transition to a new living situation.

• I commit to being a student of all issues related to senior housing in my market as well as regionally and nationally.

• I commit to treating every senior client as a unique individual and to not be guided by assumptions and stereotypes.

• I look forward to serving as an active advocate, educator and voice in my community regarding senior housing issues.

What Sets Certified Senior Housing Professionals Apart?

Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) are specialists who know that in order to best serve the distinct late-inlife transition needs of senior adults, they need to surround themselves with a resource team of trusted professionals. Among the most respected REALTORS® in their individual markets, CSHPs have completed extensive prerequisite coursework and the in-depth review necessary to achieve the Certified Senior Housing Professional designation. As such, they are far more equipped than general real estate agents and are committed to serving as professional partners throughout the entire consultative process surrounding a late-in-life move.

CSHPs Can Be Counted On For Alot. In Particular:

• CSHPs recognize and appreciate that a move involves both physical and emotional energy. Late-inlife moves frequently include extenuating circumstances which require a special skillset and mind-set.

• CSHPs know that the term, “senior” encompasses a broad age range and that each person within the senior demographic is an individual and is to be viewed as such.

• CSHPs base their services on the needs, desires, lifestyle choices, and unique circumstances of each client.

5 Standards Maintained by CSHPs:

  1. Open and clear communication at all times.
  2. Attention to both the physical and emotional aspects of every move.
  3. An advocacy mindset and servant heart.
  4. A collaborative and team oriented approach.
  5. Senior-friendly resource team serving client needs.

For more information or a Complimentary Consultation, contact Certified Senior Housing Professionals Jim Holmes or Christine Watson, 720-833-8542, Jim and Christine are also Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and have helped numerous clients make a late-in-life transition. As "Transitional Coordinators", their services include: Complimentary consultation, Scheduling Tours of Homes & Senior Communities, Assistance Preparing Home for Sale, Coordination of Estate Liquidation & Home Repairs, Assistance with Contract Knowledge, Understanding & Negotiation, a referral network & concierge services, frequent contact, follow up and life-long services.

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