6 Reasons To Consider Investing in Real Estate

How are your real estate investments performing for you?

When most people answer this question they likely give a positive answer thinking of their primary residence they've owned for a period of time. However, for many others who made a decision to purchase their first rental property it afforded them a new way to continue to leverage their down payment into a reasonably solid long term investment.

You might ask how they were able to accomplish this without any risk?

The answer is:

1. There's risk in everything.

2. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Based on these two assumptions the next question might be:
Could a person still sleep well at night owning a rental property as an investment?

1. Everyone's ability to handle stress is different. If any investment keeps you awake
at night it's probably not right for you regardless of the rate of return on your money.

2. Don't expect a real estate investment of any kind to be a get rich quick investment.

Some reasons to consider an investment in real estate?
1. Cash flow before and or after taxes
2. Appreciation over time
3. Principal reduction
4. Possible tax benefits (consult your CPA or Tax Attorney)
5. You can also own rental property in a self directed IRA
6. You can defer taxes upon sale of an income property by doing it via a 1031 IRS like
kind exchange.

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