Christmas Traditions Around the World


Brazil: In Brazil, Papai Noel (Father Christmas) brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. He resides in Greenland, according to tradition, and dresses in light silk garments due to the hot Christmas weather in Brazil.

Argentina: In Argentina, also in the southern hemisphere, Christians decorate evergreen trees with cotton to simulate the snow of the the northern hemisphere.

Australia: Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, Christmas takes place in the summer, so Christmas dinner is often celebrated outdoors or even picnic-style. After dinner, Australians will often play cricket.

France: Father Christmas is called Pere Noel. Everyone has a Christmas tee, sometimes decorated in the old way with red ribbons and real white wax candles. Fir trees in the garden are often decorated too, with lights on all night.

Russia: The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas starting in November with a 40-day Lent during which people fast from all animal products except seafood.

Ghana: Instead of evergreen trees, Ghanaians decorate mango, guava or cashew trees, normally in the center courtyard of the home.

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