4 Ways to Add Value to Your Home


For a large number of reasons, a house is one of the most important places for any human being. How a house looks, directly echoes the type of lifestyle that the homeowner(s) lead. Although location is a HUGE factor in the marketability of the house, certain renovations can help increase the value of any home. A rehabilitated home is more attractive, and will aide in the interest of more buyers. If you want to help raise the value of your house before putting it on the market, you may want to consider these 4 simple tips:

Cleaning Up the House and Property

In the eyes of potential buyers, a cluttered house and property are very unappealing. Clutter will not only make your house look smaller to people looking at it, but it can also push them away. Cleaning up the clutter makes it possible to create more space for value-adding conveniences, such as a home gym. Adding this space gives the help a better ambiance, and can also increase the value of the house by 20%.

You do not just want to clean up the clutter on the inside of your house either, you definitely want to do this with the outside as well. A non-cluttered exterior and yard allows you to model your property to buyer's specification. A rocking chair on your front porch can help make it look very appealing for those evening summer drinks in someone's eyes.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most used rooms in a house, and are the crucial house sellers. It is important that you make them look as alluring as possible when it comes time to part ways with your house. While remodeling can make a homes value skyrocket, something as simple as changing the flooring or cabinets can also increase the value by 3-7%

Roofing Improvements

Although it may not be visible, a leaky or old roof gives off a sense of neglect to a house. By replacing the roofing material, and adding incentives such as solar panels, you can add value to a house and also ensure that it has reliable power. Experts estimate the increase in value by adding roof improvements such as these, can be between 1-6% of the quoted price.

Painting and Enhancing the Exterior and Interior

By painting, you not only give your house a touch of freshness, but it also helps to brighten it up quite a bit. You can also replace broken windows and smooth out the house walls to help makes the exterior beautiful as well. Unique patterns make the walls charming and hence, raise the house's value!

Finally, if you want your house to be "hot" when you put it on the market; investing in its infrastructure will do you no harm. Nothing is more attractive to potential buyers than a well taken care of house.

Finally, if you want your house to be “hot” when putting it up for sale; investing in its infrastructure will do you no harm. Nothing is more attractive to a potential client than a well-maintained house.

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