While you are enjoying the summer weather don't forget a few important things to check around your house.

We all know that yard work is important to keep ahead of or it becomes a lot more challenging. Don't forget that summer home maintenance isn't just the yard work. Summer is the ideal time to walk around the exterior and interior of your home looking for items that need attention sooner than later. You might start with the obvious when you think about the last time your home exterior was painted. One of the first clues for a needed paint job is to look at the trim boards that show deterioration or inspect the siding for fading. You may notice water stains from rain or snow that have seeped in where seals are not adequately caulked or painted. Over extended time this can even cause damage to siding which is more costly that just replacing trim. This could create an opportunity to realize you need a paint job before the winter season. The upside could be giving your home more curb appeal by updating your home's appearance with current colors that give it a great impression. Your neighbors may comment, "It looks like a different house!" This can also help maintain good home values in your neighborhood when people realize the colors are new and current versus the original Builder colors of the 80's. We always enjoy working with a paint colorist who assists people in choosing the best paint colors for more of a wow factor at a very reasonable price.


Another item to check for is water drainage around the outside of your home. Inspect the gutter downspouts to ensure they are connected and getting the roof water away from the house 3-5 foot. If not, the water can stay near the foundation and could possibly cause larger issues such as water channeling into the basement or under the house. This can become a costly repair and cause structural issues. Always remember to keep the exterior grade so it allows water to drain away from the house. Suggested drainage is 1/4 inch fall per foot.


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