Living Independently as Long as Possible!


As we age, most of us want to stay living as independently as possible and as long as possible based on having a reasonable quality of life and health.

Even though it's good exercise, as we age, sometimes we find less joy in mowing the yard, raking leaves, and shoveling the snow.

Whether we choose to age in place or eventually consider other options, it important to create your own plan.

Your answers to 5 simple questions can help you, and your family or friends create a housing contingency plan should it ever be needed. Remember no plan can be a bad plan.

1. Where do you want to be living in the next _______ years, and do you have a plan?

2. Have you done any updates or remodeling lately or know of any work that you think needs to be done before you would consider moving?

3. Do you have a plan that could help you be prepared to stay in your present home in case of some life event due to health, retirement or financial hardship?
(Consider: Stairs, main-floor bathroom, etc.)

4. What information would you find helpful to be adequately prepared should any type of life event ever occur, such as health or financial, in creating a plan?
(Consider: options available for ranch style patio homes, town homes or condos near your present home)5. Who could you rely on to assist you if you needed help during times you were experiencing physical or memory challenges that might cause you to be overwhelmed, struggling or incapacitated?

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