Springtime Home Maintenance

Whether you're a seasoned home owner or a first-time home owner, here are some of the things to check and prepare around the house as the weather warms up.

Inside the House: Investigate the attic and the basement or crawl space for dampness or leaks. Check and change the furnace filter, as a dirty or clogged filter reduces the efficiency of your furnace. Make sure the sump pump (if present) is operating correctly- the last thing you want is for melting snow or heavy spring rains to flood your basement. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust, duct, damper, and space under the dryer.

Walk the Exterior: Inspect the foundation, basement, and garage for signs of termite infestation. If you notice evidence of termites, call an exterminator. Check the windows for loose or missing putty/glazing, broken glass, foggy glass, and damaged screens. If you have a deck, look for loose railings, wobbly stair and deterioration, and make repairs as necessary. Other things to check are your walks, patios, and driveways. If you notice cracks or broker areas, it's time to fix them.

It's also important to check your home's siding for damage after winter's storms. Check vinyl and aluminum siding for cracks and damage. Check wood siding for peeling paint and damaged wood. Check brick veneer for cracks that are wider than 1/16 inch. Also, check for soft mortar joints or missing mortar.

Look Up: Inspect the roof, flashing, chimney and gutters. Look for missing or lifting shingles; loose or missing flashing; cracks or damage to the chimney; and damaged or sagging gutters. Clean out debris from gutters and downspouts. Any of these problems can contribute to leaks and moisture inside the house.

Walk Around the Yard: Check the grading around the house- the ground should slope away from the house for proper drainage and to prevent water intrusion around the foundation . Check for overhanging tree limbs and trim any that touch the roof of your house or block pathways. Clean leaves and other debris away from the outdoor air conditioning unit.

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