elderly people
elderly people


We've recently launched an initiative throughout South Denver called "Seniors Visiting Seniors," a Senior ambassador program designed to help brighten the lives of Seniors in retirement and assisted living facilities.

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It’s a fairly simple concept based on giving Seniors an easy way to connect with other Seniors through requested visits within a Senior Community. The pilot program was launched at Someren Glen Retirement Community, which is part of Christian Living Communities in Centennial, Co.

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The idea is based on the exact opposite message we have all seen hung on hotel room doors boldly stating 'DO NOT DISTURB.' Instead, the same style of door hanger stating 'I WOULD LIKE A VISIT' is given to all residents should they ever want to request a visit for any reason. They may be lonely and just need someone to listen. They may have been dealing with something difficult and just not know anyone well enough to reach out for support of any kind.

Here are a few ways we intend for this program to be beneficial to all concerned:

1) Staff at the communities can be alerted to any potential physical or emotional problems their residents are experiencing.

2) The residents themselves benefit from knowing that someone cares and by the emotional boost they receive from the Ambassador visits.

3) Senior Ambassador volunteers from within the community have an opportunity to support their peers, stay active and truly enjoy getting to know their neighbors better often by sharing stories and discovering common interests.

4) This will encourage socialization and connections among the residents of the community themselves, with those who are being visited inspired to get out of their apartments or rooms and become members of the program themselves, visiting others and actively participating in "Seniors Visiting Seniors."

5) During the summer months, we plan to recruit school-age kids to take part in the program as well, bringing a sense of youthful exuberance to the visits.

With the support of Someren Glen's Life Enrichment Director, we have begun the process of recruiting and training Ambassadors, with an initial 26 visits already placed.

Feedback from the Ambassadors has been quite positive. It’s been a pleasure for them, while making a great difference for all the folks they visit. Our vision is that this program be primarily resident-driven, placing no additional burden on community staff.

Interested in starting a Seniors Visiting Seniors program at your retirement community? Email us!

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